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Concrete and geotechnical engineering
consulting and expert witness



Geotechnical Engineering

-Concrete Slab/Foundation Settlement

-Expansive clay issues

-Slope stability, slope failure investigation

-Retaining walls failure investigation

-Pavements and roads design and failure investigation

-Drainage and flooding issues

-Water retaining structures failure investigations

-Swimming pools cracking, settlement, heave

-Grading and soil compaction issue

Concrete Science and Technology

-Slab-on-grade cracks

-Foundation settlement or heave

-Levelness and flatness of slabs

-Misc. concrete issues: Mix design, pumping, curing, testing, surface defects, strength, and durability

-Post fire investigation of foundations, slabs-on-grade, walls




-Residential buildings


-Water retaining structures: Dams, Wastewater Treatment Plants, ponds, swimming pools

-Drainage, culverts

-Sports facilities


-RV parks

Few Representative Projects

Post-Fire Concrete Evaluations


We performed many concrete evaluations after 2017 fires in Sonoma and Napa Counties.  We saved several  million dollars and priceless time for our clients by proving  that the concrete was fine and demolition was not needed.  The picture depicts a fire exposed swimming pool that we saved after our evaluation and testing. 

Sonoma County, CA.

Unstable Concrete Foundations Due to Expansive Clay Soil


We performed a geotechnical investigation and  identified the causation of distress in 110 homes. We testified in federal court.  The court awarded in favor of our client.  

Merced County, CA.

Slope Failure Investigation


We investigated the failure of a road side slope, provided expert witness services in litigation, appeared in State court to testify. 

Calaveras County, CA.

Typical Projects

Failure of Slope and Remediation


We investigated failure of a slope and monitored the remedial work.  The remediation consisted of adding a berm to flatten the slope. 

Nevada County, CA

Post-Fire Concrete Evaluation


We evaluated concrete foundations and walls exposed to fire.  We performed destructive and non-destructive testing, identified concrete members to be kept and the ones to be removed and replaced.   Wrote a report for County approval..  

Napa County, CA

Post-Fire Shotcrete Evaluation


We evaluated a 22-foot high shotcrete retaining wall after exposure to fire. Performed destructive and non-destructive testing, wrote a report for County approval.

Napa County, CA

Personal Injury - Gas Pipe Explosion


We provided expert testimony in a PG&E gas pipe explosion case.  Trench pipe cover and backfill  compaction was at issue.

Merced County, CA.

Concrete slab-on-grade Distress-RV Park


We identified the cause of concrete cracks in 144 RV pads. Provided expert testimonial.

Alameda County, CA

Moisture Intrusion through Concrete Slab


Concrete slab had moisture intrusion issues in this high-end custom home.  We identified the source and recommended remedial measures.

Santa Monica, CA.

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